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100: Teleseminar

Our Teleseminar is an opportunity for prospective students to have a brief and powerful experience with their emergent selves. Lead by International Academy of Self Knowledge teachers, participants identify for themselves:

  • What they really want to be, do or have in life;
  • What is preventing them from experiencing that.

Questions are presented which offer a new perspective on what is possible for them in their lives. Participants are guided on a meditative journey to experience a connection with their Higher Power.

All participants are given the opportunity to have a complimentary 15 to 30 minute follow up discussion with an Academy teacher to review their experience from the teleseminar and discuss any questions about the Academy and its courses.

Schedule: Offered Monthly
Price: $50

100% satisfaction guarantee to all students.  After completion of a course, if the student is not satisfied with their experience, their tuition will be refunded in full less the materials fee and shipping charge.

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What our students say about our Transformational Coaching!

"I have more self-discipline, which has allowed me to stay on target to reach my daily, weekly and monthly goals.which has increased my earnings, and peace of mind."
- Cat Pedersen,
Musician and Voice Actor

"With this new empowered awareness, I am able to live my life with enthusiasm. I was and am the Architect of my Destiny."
- L. Kae Graniel,
President of True Speak and
Success Coach

"I know that I am Spiritually connected to my Higher Self at all times, no matter what's going on."
- Eugene Holden
Tai Chi

"Since studying with my Transformational Coach, I have set record sales in my territory and doubled my income."
- Randy Jones
Sales Engineer

"I gained the confidence in my ability to resolve any uncertainty."
- Maurice Abarr



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