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Thora Pomicter

Thora Pomicter has been a certified teacher of Transformational MeditationTM since 2006. After completing her own 28 day program with Dr. Libby Adams, Thora had experienced such a profound personal transformation that she wanted to help others achieve similar changes in their lives. This led to her training and certification with Dr. Adams as a teacher within the Academy as well as to her ordination as a minister through The Association of the Integration of the Whole Person.

Thora has a BA with honors in English Literature and History from Marlboro College. She trained as a Massage Therapist at Stillpoint School of massage, and was a nationally certified massage therapist prior to becoming a mother. She is a committed and enthusiastic recreational athlete, with a particular love for the sport of triathlon. She also enjoys her continuing practice of Anusara Yoga.

Thora feels truly blessed to facilitate the process of transformation in the lives of others. She loves to bring a sense of lightness and humor to this work and delights in the unfolding that takes place in her students as they realize who they really are and all that they are capable of. An important part of Thora's own mission in life is to assist people to tap into their inner wisdom, unleashing the pure joy that resides within and knowing that they are in control of their own destiny.

Thora is married to her best friend, Ed, who is an anesthesiologist and an equity trader in Dr. Van Tharp's Supertrader Program. Ed is also a graduate of IASK's Self Mastery 28 Day Intensive program and has trained as a Transformational MeditationTM Facilitator with Dr. Adams. They have two lively and beautiful children, Madeline (12) and Nicholas (9).

"My personal mission is to be a light of love."

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